Nethy Energy is proceeding with a project to twin a small solid state anaerobic digester with an automated 40,000 sq ft greenhouse in order to grow herbs and salad crops using supplemental LED lighting and a mobile gulley system. The first site is in Cambridgeshire with the second one in Oxfordshire.

The Anaerobic digester will operate under an Environment Agency's T24 exemption and will require circa 4,000 tons of feedstock annually. The feedstock will be a mixture of maize silage, FYM and greenwaste depending on the seasons and consequential availability.

The 150 kwh CHP will generate circa 1,200,000 kwh of electricity which is approximately what the greenhouse will annually consume although there will be periods in summer when we will export surplus electricity and periods in winter when we import extra electricity. Supplemental heat will be provided by a biomass boiler.

Nethy Energy will be applying for planning permission in Cambridgeshire in December 2014.