Nethy Energy

Nethy Energy is an AD consultant which also offers a development and project management service.

Nethy Energy has two directors: Tom Naylor and Andrew Woolston.

Tom Naylor, who qualified as a Chartered Surveyor in 1992 and has previously owned a successful property equity finance consultancy and part owned a property development company, Rokeby Developments set up Nethy Energy to advise those considering investing in AD plants with the particular aim of maximising profitability.

Andrew Woolston is the director responsible for construction. He has been in the construction industry for over 20 years working as a project manager with consultants, contractors and with developers in the UK and mainland Europe. The breadth of this experience includes major retail, leisure, residential, industrial, commercial, student accommodation and mixed use developments with values up to 150m.

Andrew has considerable knowledge of Combined Heat and Power (CHP) systems having been instrumental in their introduction into major distribution centres during the mid-1990s and more recently with residential / retail installations.

Apart from the obvious task of keeping costs down and taking cost effective decisions there are normally at least three potential revenue streams; electricity; heat; and digestate.  In addition to maximising the various subsidies it is sensible to try to sell the electricity, heat and digestate to improve the financial return but equally importantly these should be used on site thereby saving on existing purchases.

Additionally in the context of the recent Planning Deregulation and its emphasis on sustainable development there could be significant opportunity of profitable ancillary development enabled by the AD plant. The new planning policy has a number of helpful clauses.

Nethy Energy can fulfil one or all of the roles below, but may advise hiring specialist UK consultants where appropriate.

Nethy Energy


  • Technical Assumptions
  • Financial and Economic Assumptions
  • Revenues and Savings
  • Annual O&M Expenses
  • Approximate Capital Cost Estimate
  • Earnings Before Interest And Taxes
  • Financing options
  • Net Cash Flow
  • Return on Equity


  • Planning:
  • Other Permits: Environmental
  • Electric
  • Gas


  • Design basis and design criteria
  • Process flow diagram
  • Heat diagram
  • Detailed electrical diagram
  • Detailed piping drawings connecting the biogas system
  • General arrangement drawing
  • Site plan drawing

Depending on your requirements and budget Nethy Energy can;

  • either negotiate a design and build contract with a specialist contractor with Nethy Energy acting as the development manager
  • provide construction management services:
    • hire a specialty excavator to prepare the site
    • hire a specialty concrete contractor
    • ensure that all the required equipment and materials, some of which will arrive from Germany, arrive at site at the right time.
    • arrange the construction of the digesters and the biogas system itself
    • hire a specialty electrical firm to do all the high voltage wiring to connect to the local distribution company (if applicable). This same firm does all the low voltage wiring between the different biogas sub-systems
    • hire a specialty piping firm to install the hot water piping and biogas piping to the boiler or the flare.

There are two essential after-market services which will be needed and Nethy Energy can arrange:

  • Technical and maintenance support of the equipment and systems themselves, most notably the CHP.
  • Microbiological support. There are a number of process parameters within the digester itself that must be maintained so that the methane producing bacteria are efficient. This involves weekly sampling of the active digestate itself and daily sampling of the biogas.